this is just a forum for discussing about strings, their tone, and little dittys like that

personally, i use d'addario 10s, i just love the kinda tone d'addarios give off

some ppl say it sounds too springy or w/e, but it sounds perfect for me

i was previously using zakk wylde 10-60s, wow, they were fun to play, but the tone just got too beefy for me

this and all guitar stuff and whatnot, is all opinionated from what every individual person likes, so i made this thread to see what everyones opinions are and details and all that crap

so, lemme start off by saying, that i heard that d'addario makes 95 percent of every other string out there, like the way coke made some other sodas or w/e.

so because of that, i decided to just stick with d'addario, because i'm technically only buying the same strings moving from brand name to brand name. plus, d'addarios are easy on the fingers, and i like low action and all that, its just easier to play, which makes things more fun

but if theres anyone with anything else to say, go ahead,
i use the hybrid ernie ball customs they go from like a 46 on the E to a 9 and i find them pretty sweet.....are they a part of d'addario?
i use Zakk Wylde 10-60's. im thinking of replacing the: e b and g string with 12-whatever's. thats what i have on both of my guitar's they sound great