Is there any easier way to sound the last harmonic chord (the Emaj7)? I do it by barring the 9th frets on the G, D and A strings and with my pinky barring fret 13 on the same strings to sound the note. I can get it, but it's quiet and takes some angling of the fingers to get the stretch. Is there another position to get the same sound?
You could try barring the 9th fret and then tapping the notes on the 13th fret lightly. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of control. Its called a "tapped harmonic". Thats what I play it with, although I still have a bit of trouble.

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^ Dont be a pussy ! Just keep stretching every day and you will get it. It tooks me a few weeks to get the 2<6> harmonic, but i can do it no problems now.. not got the end of the song yet so i'll let you know about the last one, ,but trying it quickly now, i can stretch, now just need to practice holding it down...
instead of a tapped harmonic you can do an artificial harmonic. Put your thumb over the fret and pick with your middle finger
I tap the last harmonic. I have reasonably big hands, but I still can't reach that. I also tap the 2/6 Harmonic and it doesn't really interfere with my playing of the song.
Yeah, I tried stretching the 2/6 harmonic but it screwed up the flow, so I just fret the 2 and tap on this place above my pickup that rings the same harmonic. It beats tapping that close to the nut.
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The 2<6> harmonic can be done on the E string as a 7<11> which might be easier? The barre 9th fret one is tricky, admittly, even the best bass players can't always get it right, I heard this awesome bass player do it, sounded super all the way through until that last chord, whcih sounded terrible. Keep them fingers streching, you'll soon get it!!