i recorded this song today. It is kinda sucky guitar, but the good part should be the vocals, but before i put the vocals in i want to have drums in the song.
i would like to have simple, not to loud, drums. Can someone record that for me? It would be helpfull if you are willing to do that to put me in ur msn.
if you record something for me, i am willing to help you with something

msn: Brother_lp@msn.com

maybe try some drum machines? adding an entire drum part to a song is alot of work and if you use a machine you can make it sound exactly how you want
if that isn't to hard...
any sugestions of drumkits to use?

and btw. the song consists of a 2 chord part, and a little heavier part that only lasts a couple of seconds, so i can't imagine that would be hard to drum on
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Ive heard good things about Frooty Loops... but i prefer to use guitarpro and make all the guitar parts, then add drums
send me your song ill put some drum samples on it quickly before i go out, it is much better to do the drums first unless you're using a metronone when recording.
hello there i tried my best to improve the audio quality and digitally remaster it while adding drums within the space of 15 minutes. i have the track. i will put it on my dmusic site for you to download then i will delete. i hope you are happy. if not ill try again tomorrow sorry. i will reply once its done uploading. thanks for letting me at it!

edit: im also sorry for the file size. its alot bigger because it is now at a higher sample rate.
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http://neptune.dmusic.com/ its at the top. press the yellow download button to get the file.

ps nice song!

and sorry i took so long. i messed the file up and had to mess around for a bit to upload the right one!!! haha
i am downloading it right now, i'll let you know if i like to put it in the song.
thx a lot for your effort
ok i totally loved what you did with the acoustic part. But the heavier part just sucked, but that is because of the guitar, so i decided to do that again, only now with chords. now i am going to make some interludes 'n stuff, i let you know when i've put the new version online.

thank you verry much!
i posted the new version on my purevolume acount.
i hope you will do the new stuff as good as the other stuff you did, and maybe you can try to make it less sharp, i couldn't.

hope to hear some soon
it is absolutely perfect!
you really did a wonderful job
i can't thank you enough