This song is about in relationships when the boyfriend is overcontrolive and the girlfriend is saying that she has had enough and shes giving revenge.

Oh no, I'm not perfect,
We are just different,
I've had enough.
Just trying to rearrange,
Wanting the lying, the cheating to change,
Cause I'm not strong enough.

I'm hurting inside,
You lead me to die,
A feeling that I shouldn't have missed.
I'm burned to the core,
I feel nothing more,
I'm only second best,
Cause its your turn next.

I lost myself,
To somebody else,
It rains it pours.
I can't measure up,
Just getting all messed up,
I can't take this anymore.


I could care less of what you think,
I'm only trying to be me,
If only smiles,
Lasted awhile.