hi there im looking for a new bass between £300 to £400. I play stuff like Funeral For A Friend, Bullet For My Valentine, Muse, A7x, Metallica and stuff like that really.
first of all, none of those except for metallica are metal/rock. no offence, im nto trying to get thsi started into a fame war on genres. But you can use any bass to get any sound pretty much. My bassist uses fender jaz bass (the signature one the basist from rush uses it) and we're ina death/thrash metal band. it still sounds HEAVEY and mean when he plays. it's all on HOW you play that bass tog et your desired tone ma frined. oh and a good loud bass am with lotsa thump
cmon, a7x is metal lol. dont try and act snobbish its a type of metal, wether its thash metal or whatexer, and so is bfmv. anyway, id take a fender jazz bass, you can get some cheap for about £340. Ibanezs are good, so ar schecters. Dont get a Bc rich! they look the part, but they certainly dont play like it!