well, i like the intro, i thought it would be kicking into like a doubled up guitar sound, but the drums were pretty cool. Its a nice song overall, you need to touch it up a bit (quality and all)
There actually are two guitars, but the lead guitarist (me) you can't really hear because of the positioning of our amps. Quality is crap since it was just one of our practices, we weren't going for great quality. We'll record better ones later.
Mind mumbles:

timing is a little off on the intro, but its forgivable :P

sound quality is poop.

vocals are pretty good but its hard to critisize as the drums are overpowering (turn ya amps up!!)

guitar(s??!!?!?!?!) are too quiet

overal, the song sounds awesome, however thsi recording is terrible and is ruined by alll these little things.

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return crit

nice playin and good vocals. could be a lot better with an improved recording quality. overall really enjoyed it though.
Pretty simple pop rock. Vocals are reasonably good sounding, the rest seems to be a little repetitive (a solo might save it). Ah, here it is. Apart from the fact you can't hear the solo, some of the bends at the start are a little off. Not bad otherwise. Nothing new, but it does the job.

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I like it, I actually like it. Simple power chords, for a live recordin this ain't too bad. Vocals are good, You need the bass up louder, and the drum quieter but tis a live recordin with just one microphone it sounds so u are forgiven!

The song is good as what I can hear!

Pros: Original
Good vocals
Well played

Cons: Bad recording quality, certainly not good enough for production
Though original, not overly original. Thousands of bands turn out this sort of music
Solo not very clear and didn't seem to fit completly...choose ur notes carfully

Overal I like it but just brush up on recording for now, for a gig this'll be a good head bangin good time

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