What are the atvantages/disatvantages of setin and gluedin gutar necks?
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From what I know you get better sustain with them but if they break they are harder to repair since you can't just unscrew it and put another one on. Also, I think upper fret access can be impeded by them since the neck actually has to go into the body of the guitar. I'm not positive on that last point though so don't quote me.
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better sustain
near impossible to replace
often fatter
perhaps the fret access thing

thats about it
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It's all about preference - as a general rule, set necks tend to be the same wood as the body (mahogany on a les paul), while bolt ons tend to be made of a different wood (Alder body, maple neck on a strat).

The sustain thing isn't entirely true - A well-done bolt-on joint can have as much sustain as a set neck, and more than a set neck with too much glue.
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The fret access depends on the guitar. My SG has access all the way to the neck pickup and my Les Paul has only good access to the 16th fret. From there you have to reposition your hand and it's still a struggle. From a cosmetic point of view, I think a set neck guitar just looks better. Just an opinion.
and its not near impossible its just a huge pain in the ass. also fret access will be better compared to a bolt on ( non aanj) neck. also your heel will be smaller