Ok so im sitting around fingerpicking and all of a sudden my pickups start shocking the **** out of me...so i turn off my amp and give it a while...then i go back and it does it again...so i try a different amp...and it does the same thing only my strings are shocking me too now...im playing clean with the treble down and bass halfway up
no plx
Sounds like something's not grounded right. Take it to a shop, unless you know how to fix it yourself.
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nature rejects you I really dont know, I have never heard about anything like that happening, what gear do you have?
that blows man. yea its what they all said. either that or your guitar hates you and is owning the hell out of you for fun.
more likely the ground in your amp. take a look at the plug and the cord comeing out of the amp, if the plug looks bent or the cord is damaged in any way, somthings wrong, and you may need a new amp. if it dosent look like anything is wrong, move ur guitar and amp to a different outlet in i different room, ideally on a different breaker/fuse. if ur still getting zapped, somthing is definately rong, probably with the amp. there is no reason why ur guitar would be zapping you, althoug it could be a short circut, in the guitar or amp. thats all i can think of
Does your guitar have a trem? If it does open up the back and look at the metal think that the springs are attached to that is also secured to the body of the guitar with 2 screws. there should be a wire attached to a semi-circular bit poking out of it.

If there is then your pickups aren't grounded properly, if there isn't then take it to a shop and get them to solder it.
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ha thats funny, cuz the asme things hapened to me..but only once. it hasnt happened since.
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no tremelo on it and it did it with two different amps...i took it to a shop today though hopefully im back in business by tomorrow or im goin acoustic for a few days...
no plx