Hi all,
recently i bought a guitar at an "antiques" auction near my house for £50, it was a "kimbara" strat copy and when i got home i didn't think and like a fool i took it apart ready to repaint (paint work was in a bit of a bad way) and rebuild with new electronics etc. i did this and have repainted it in yellow and put new pickups in with new scratchplate, but when i went to put the pickups in i noticed that the old scratchplates pickups are an odd size, too big to be single coils, but too small to be humbuckers. so i tried to look into it on the internet, with the view to the guitar being old, and found this webpage :

which is relevant because my guitar has the same type of neck (the truss rod hole is in the base rather than the top) which may imply it is from the 1970's (or not)

in the pics i have tried to show the scratchplate in relation to the new one for size purposes, and in one pic i have put a single coil facing down next to the pickups on the scracthaplate, but it is not that clear, and if it helps the pots are clearly marked "D500k) and sorry about the size of the pics don't know how to do any different

any help anyone can give would be great


main pic 11.JPG
comparison 11.JPG
yeah the truss being at the bottom only is a pure vintage thing. or it means your guitar is just crap if it's not old. no idea about the pickups though . . . thats probably just something make-specific, again indicating it's knock-off status


yeah man i went and did some research apparently kimbara was a big company for knock-offs of all sorts in the 70s . . . and that they come up on ebay every once in a while in the neighborhood of 150GBP . . . also the sites i found were all very british (no offense, they just sounded british, like the words on the page), so it's likely that these guitars were more popular in europe than the US.

so i would imagine it's not worth too much, especially since you've taken off all the original finish and hardware, but still a relic of another era so it still has cool factor.

PS black on yellow looks really sharp good job.
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well yeah maybe if they are worth something i may sell them it was a curiosity thing, also i was partly inspired into looking because on ebay there is a trem cover plate from a strat from the 70's which is selling for £43, and i know this is not an official fender, but it maybe as old, and possibly worth something, but probably not

it was more of a curiosity thing than anyhting else, the neck is in brilliant condition, and i bought it to remake into a new guitar so anything else is just a bonus. the neck is so good i am using it on the new guitar, along with the bridge, the body and the tuners, which are all in mint condition, a bargain for £50!!!!!!!

also i didn't test these pickups (again like a fool) so i don't know if they work, is there any other way of testing if they work, other than using a multimeter?
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Solder one of the leads to the tip of a 1/4' guitar jack, and the other lead to the slleeve (or whatever you call it), plug it in to your amp and tap on the magnets with a screwdriver. (Remember to turn your amp down a bit. It can get loud. XD)
ok i may try that,sounds a bit dangerous tho (risk of electric shock and all that) is there a risk of death?

and btw thanks Sedona_Ash_Tele for taking the time to look it up, and the comments about my new guitar, i may post some pics on here when i have put the neck and all other bits on
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Naaa. Unless you have a short in your house power system and the transformer gets olverloaded (Wich is RARE!) Nothing will happen. You may feel a funny tinglign if you touch the leads, but at MOST 1.5V are going through those wires!
If in doubt, use a sparky screwdriver.

I have a really good one with a transparent handle with an LED; if the LED lights, the circuit is live!
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It was either the hardware store, or the electronics store...

Or the computer supply store.

Look in the electrical aisle of your local hardware store?
Posers are like punks, except they do it for fashion

so would i be right i presuming that the scrathplate and pickups are from about the same time as the neck, i.e 30-40 years old or not?
ok thanks a lot man, you have been really helpful, o and btw the new guitar is just about finished