it was pretty good. actually everything was good except for the vocals need a little work. i have to say i don't really like this song that much, but you did pretty good. the quality is nice, as are the instruments being played. the vocals sound a little whiny.

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Great work.
Where did you get the backing track?
PM me a reply, please.

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really good, nice vocals too
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That was great man. You have a good singing voice, don't be afraid to project it more. Such as in the chorus! Try it out!
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Sounded pretty good. I think you should try putting some more power in your voice (or like somebody else said, project more). The parts that were supposed to sound quiet and soft sounded great, but your voice during the chorus sounded too soft.
Great, vocals wont great but they was good, nice job.
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not that bad , i hate that song but i'd check this out just for the hell of it? Is that guitar you?? Because it's pretty pro I must say , vocals could use a little more work , more "feeling" but your voice aint bad so that's good.

the other song sounds just like a good charlotte song
how do u get such a good ****ing tone when your recording, what do you use to record? it sounds like a mother ****ing 1000$ studio. either that or thats guitar pro playing and not u
Thanks for the feedback, that IS me playing, 100%.
O.o I didn't think the tone was very good, and my timing was way off in the beginning - I assure you, it wasn't Guitar Pro.
I use a V-AMP2 to record.
...as much as I would like a $1000 studio.