Yes it's a solo over that Paris Hilton song... I liked the chord progression gimme a break...

this pretty much my first serious attempt at writing a solo, please critique

It's mostly arpeggios, a bit of tapping and threw some Canon-y D major licks as well

who says pop can't have good guitar work????
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Great ^

Anyways, you need to work on your powertab skills, because nearly all of the measures of the solo aren't complete. Besides that it was decent. It felt too random.
Yeah, although if you're talking about the pauses in sweep picking part that was on purpose to leave it hanging ... although the last note of each arpeggio was supposed to be a like 1/4 note and sustain to the end of the measure i forgot to change that
It was Good a lil to Poppy for me but meh it Paris Hilton...The song i hate, but the solo was Fun, Measure 21 and on were really really cramped. That?s really my only complaint.
i entirely agree with evian. That and, this may be just me, but I generally dont like 32nd notes that much. They are nice in small ammounts but when there are too many it just seems like theres alot of noise and nothing is really happening.
dude, don't write solos. Improvise them. Improvisation is a truly good skill. Oh, and you could have chosen a much, much better song that one "sung" by paris hilton.

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its pretty catchy at first, but u repeat the same techiques over and over, no real melody in the solo, try and switch it up
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors