yah that looks cool
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iight, if u can afford better, i would deff. go with a schecter, epiphone, or fender but yea i wouldnt buy it, for the price range u can get a great schecter
Definately not. It's made of agathis, and therefore, is pretty much useless. However... upon reading that it's 40% off... If you're a beginner/intermediate guitarist on a tight budget, I'd say go for it. And axemusic is a very good site for Canadians to order from, I just purchased an ESP LTD EC400AT off them and they had it shipped quickly and safely with a minimal of fuss in the transaction.
how long have you been playing and what skill level are you at... like are you a beginner or intermediate or what?
Never ever would I buy the first, even the fender strat owns that by miles, because fenders aren't made of agathis.

The second one is WAY much better, even the bridge is half decent.
Definetly get the ibanez, but only three weeks? Practice for a little bit longer before you get a new guitar, unless your old one broke or something.
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dont get either, if ur guitar works fine stick with it for now. my friend did this he bought a 500 dollar guitar played it for a month and decided he didnt want to play nemore. ive been playing for about 2 years and im just now getting a new one. wait longer dude and that way u will know what one is better urself and go to ur personaly likings
thats my opionon. id go with the explorer i was looking at that before to buy but decided on a jackson rr3. the axemusic site has a pretty said selection of guitars id zzounds is way better
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I stuck to an acoustic for 4 months, aha, and i just got a Fender American Strat for my birthday yesterday, the one hendrix used at Woodstock =D. along with a Marshall AVT100X.
Apparently Ibanez Jem's are really easy to use, and are known to be the "Superstrat"

Damnit with the <br> **** haha