Whats the difference in these guitars?

One seems to have a tuneomatic bridge and other is string thru body. Whats better?
string through........strings last longer and stays in tune better
ESP Vintage Plus
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
Line 6 Flextone IIIXL
i have one on offer for same price as new 06 omen. any more info?

is the omen a semi hollow body like the c1 classic?
thanks !

hmmm also stated is that it has better pickups than the new ones. anyone know much about the older model?
i know that schecters suck...
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i know that schecters suck...

Nice contribution, maybe next time you can make a valid point.
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i know that schecters suck...

I tried a C1 classic then a parker pm-20.
Parkers all the way.
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schecters are the best looking guitars made imho.

however i like the rg450 i have now for playing.