i just got 2 new dimarzio pickups. air norton for neck and tone zone for bridge. the local guitar store takes 2 weeks to install these pickups so i decided to install them myself. can anyone give me directions on how to install these pickups into my ibanez rg570?
If you go to the Seymour Duncan website they have diagrams with directions showing which wires go where. You can pick your set up and switching too.
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You could use the Duncan diagrams, but the color codes are different and it'll confuse you. You don't really need a diagram at all, you're just swapping some wires over. I'll just tell you what colors to swap. Here are the conversions, Ibanez to DiMarzio. You better know how to solder.

Red = Red
White = Black and White, twisted together.
Bare = Green and Bare

So basically swap them over like that for each pickup.
And just to help more, I took an Ibanez diagram and added some color.
As you can see, I crossed out the old colors.

These go to eleven...
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got a pair of Ibanez QM1 and QM2 pickups from a Prestige.Going to put in an old strat with 500 pots and 3 way switch.does anyone know the color codes the QM1 has 4 wires red white black green and bare,QM2 has 2 red white and bare.Iam assuming the QM2 is the bridge. Thanks for any help.