im, trying to learn the notes on the fret board and i realized that there are alot of notes on the fretboard i would like to know how you guys learned the fretboard and any tips that you would give me as to learning the fretboard
The way I personally did it? Start with your low E string (that's the thickest one) and for just ten minutes a day, go up and down it saying the note names. Maybe just start one E, then go F , then find the G, and all the other NON sharp or flats. Do that for a week, ten minutes a day. Then, the next week, go over the next string, and then review the low E string.

So, doing this , it will only take 7 weeks with VERY minimal effort, and you will have this learned for all of your life. Of course, you could learn it faster if you did more than ten minutes a day.

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