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Does anyone know how coil-taps work? I have a Schecter C-1+ with dual humbuckers and a knob coil-tap, and I was wondering if special humbucker/single coil pickups are needed for coil-taps.
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Schecters do not have coil taps, they are coil splits, it is advertised improperly.

humbuckers have two coils, when split it disengages one of the coils and only the engaged one is used, essentially making it a single coil. Nice in theory, but poor sound in practice.

Tapping, takes an extra lead wire from any point within the middle(middle meaning any where between the start or the end) of either coils, when this new lead is engaged the coil will end whereever that lead is located and any value of resistance less than the total pickup resistance can be achieved from this method. By lowering the resistance, the tone can change significantly.

Only buckers can be split, but any pickup even a single coil can be tapped.
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Could you elaborate on the coil-split and coil-tap difference?

Or is there a link where I can see diagrams and stuff explaining it.
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when u split ur cutting off one of the singles in the humbucker.

as u can see, a humbucker is made up of two singles, wired together.
like said, when u split, u just get an additional tone. not really the desired single coil tone like claimed.

when u tap into a humbucker. u bleed off the humbucker's output. its a better, more exact result (again like said.)

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