listening as i type...

ambient intros are always tight, but i think it shoudlnt fade out as hard. Intro progresions is tight. The acoustic work is nice. it sounds like it could use another guitar perhaps, doing some fills on delay, if that were what you wanted to achieve with ambience n such. This being only the intro of course.

Onto the metal part of it... tight progression. The solo sounds somewhat nu-metalish which is meh in my opinion, i think you could change the tone and leave that sustained gain playing on, but the tone sounds nu metalish. The tone in the solo guitar is muffled out, and hard to hear from the crazy gain, you might wanna remix that around. The ambience that kicks in towards the 5:00 mark is tight i think it needs more of it as youre being conservative. You should really make stuff thats "out" there. double bass out is tight, very tight.

I liked it, for a piece, this was well composed with things here and here. But for being the one man show as you claim, this is very well done.

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www.purevolume.com/gabemendoza (the second one is the newer one)