Hey guys, on my metronome i have a BPM (10-240) and another thing that says 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. I've been told that i need to understand 4th notes 16th notes 32nd notes etc. better inorder to use my metronome. I have no idea what 4th notes etc. are. If anyone could give me some info on 4th notes 16th notes etc., maybe a link to a website so i can read up on it or something, i havent been able to find anything about 4th notes etc. Thanks so much!
1/4 notes - one note per beat.
8th notes - two notes per beat.
16th notes - four notes per beat.
32 notes - eight notes per beat.
AHHHHHH Thank you so much!

If i was say using my metronome, and i chose the setting "4" would that then be 16th notes? aka 4 notes per beat? Cause playing 16th notes @ 80bps is damn fast :O i couldnt imagine more then that :O
This should go in Musician talk, but anyways.

quarter, sixteenth notes, etc are subdivisions of a bar. See:

whole note = 1 bar
half note = 1/2 bar
quarter note = 1/4 bar

1 bar in 4/4 time means 4 quarter notes means the bar is 4 quarter notes long. 1 bar in 6/8 time would mean the bar is 6 eigth notes long.

Your metronome probably only plays quarter notes, so every click is a quarter note, and those numbers serve to change the top number. 5/4 time, 6/4 time, etc.

And if your're wondering, yes 3/2 time and 6/4 time are pretty much the same, but the difference has to do in the way you count the music.

That was a short and ****ty explanation, but I hope it helped a bit.
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Quote by Johnljones7443
1/4 notes - one note per beat.
8th notes - two notes per beat.
16th notes - four notes per beat.
32 notes - eight notes per beat.

In 4/4 time of course, but no need to confuse the guy.
I am sorry, i had no idea where to post it, I thought musicians forum... i will move it there (or post there at least) sorry
Yes it helped alot. I see what u mean, i will research this a bit more Thank you.

One last q. Say i have my metronomes settings 60BPM and i choose setting 4. When i do this, it has a very loud beep (to sound the start of a new begining) then it will play 4 quieter notes after this. My question is, do i play 1 note per beat that i hear from my metronome, then restart once i hear the loud beep. (if that makes sense, if not ignore it)
BPM or beats per minute is the speed a piece of music goes at eg thrash metal song 200bpm Blues turnaround 70bpm for example. Note values are the length a note lasts until it is either muted (shown as a rest) or changed to the next note.

Firstly a whole note which is worth 4 beats -in a bar of 4/4 there would be room for 1. Half notes are worth 2 beats-room for 2 in a bar of 4/4). Quarter notes (not 4rth notes as you say) are worth 1 beat of a bar eg Beethovens Ode to Joy (you can fit 4 in a standard bar of 4/4/-most common time signature in music).

8th notes are worth 1/2 a beat (so 8 of them in a bar of 4/4) 16th notes are worth 1/4 of a beat (16 can fit in a bar of 4/4) 32nd notes are 1/8th of a beat-32 in a bar of 4/4-eg Dick Dales Pulp Fiction soundtrack-in fact most tremelo picking.

Using guitar pro and musictheory.net will help-download random songs and try to work out what the note values are. Also learn rest signs and their values (one for each whole/half/quarter/8th/16th and 32nd note)

Hope this helps