someone I know is selling this guitar for $250, anyone know how old it may be? or what wood it would be made of?
holy **** that the rarest of them all wow that could go for like a million dollars !!!!!!!!!

nah just joking
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yeah that's a ****ty guitar. Don't bother buying it.

And why do you say that, the b.c. rich NJ series are quite good guitars.
^ Your an idiot. (uteris)

Threadstarter, its definatley an older bc rich, with a Kahler trem. Its NJ as well.... Quality would probably be pretty good, and wood is most likely alder........

250$ is a fair buy
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I'd hit that, if only for the irony.

It looks older, and older Riches aren't bad... not sure about warlocks/mockingbirds, but an ST-3 I've played was awesome with a capital A. I'd be looking to buy one if I didn't have to eat at least every other day...
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It's an NJ, so its probably decent.
$250 isn't a steal, but in my opinion its more than decent.
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Interesting question...
just dont buy it
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i'd buy it.......A) looks like an early BC rich, much better than the newer ones B) the kahler trem........need i say more, plus it looks in extremely good nick anyway. Go for it man, just make sure u play it before you buy ok
buy it!
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Buy it. It's definately old but for BC Rich, it's a good thing. The trem alone should be half that price.

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Sweet, looks like I'm getting it. would you say the tremolo is still workable? I don't have any money to replace it.
score, the Kahler trems are excellent. I have an old Kahler Flyer in a 1982 Washburn, and it still works fine.
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BUY BUY BUY DUDE!!! Its an older NJ series. Nuff said
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buy it... but trying asking if you can buy it for 200-230$ first. be like, "B.C. Riches are cool... but its an OLDER model, tight? i would buy it if it was a bit cheaper..." if it doesnt work just spend 250$
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