It's like just yesterday we started
scared ****less of these people
but today we gather
and we're leaving like treacle

It's been 15 months
we have had our fun
the game is over
the love is done

Its been a thing of wonder
a thing for the times
but the fun we all had
is closing like the mines

I hope to see you all again
in a hundred years or more
the lot of us in heaven
and me knocking at the door

In the winter of my years
I will look back at you all
and think of the fun we had in Taizé
on that o faithfull fall

and now we all shall part
I cry for you and me
For i love you all with my heart
I sing this song for ye

Now i will need to give some background to this
It is about a youth group i am in called meitheal and we are goin to Taizé in france as our last activity and it is a sort of good bye poem/song

it is spoken and played on an acoustic basically using the rory gallagher Rock Ya Baby tab but with a few changes of my own

I would like you guys to rate it and for the second line (the one in bold) could someone help me come up with a new line for there because I do not like it at al

this was written in about 12 mins when i was doing my summer tests.
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