Anyone else a fan? I love his stuff, think he's a genius.
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yes no doubt that hes amazeing. I love the mysterious production of eggs its goes in so many musical direction. probably my favorite indie album of the year. not to mention hes one bad ass violinist.
My experience with him is very limited, but he is extremely talented. I'd like to here more.

He's played live with Dianogah their past few shows and Jay Ryan (Bassist/singer for dianogah--artist for The Bird Machine) did the artwork for the mysterious production of eggs. Some of the artwork is still available in screenprinted poster form.


did you know he used to be in the squirrel nut zippers? What a change.
i caught a wee bit of him live at bonnaroo, but i was sick that day so couldn't really pay attention to anything. the music wasn't stunning, but from what i heard his voice at least wasn't the pedestrian softie voice that turns me off of so many indie artists. i believe my brother just bought one of his cds though, so i shall listen to it and return with an informed opinion.
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I have tried to get into him, but I only have a live show and the quality isn't particularly great....starting suggestions?