edit: i mainly play acoustic

apple ipod is 3.6 inches long for reference sake....

I have trouble a lot... switching fingerings quickly... especially doing barre chords i have problems... is it just me not practicing enough?? Any excercises/routines to help me out??

as you can see my max stretch is fret 1 to fret 5 but i can't even really play that

i can just barely play a 1--4

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nah, your hands are fine. just make sure when chording you keep your thumb behind the headstock. actually put your thumb on the back of the neck like your giving a thumbprint. that should help extend your hand
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Oh yeah, only took me a few months
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dude, I have only slightly bigger hands then you and I have no problems playing at all. You just have to get used to moving you hands more then other people do, it's really not that big of a deal.
Practice more fingering exercises and things like that for a few months, apparantly after that the fingers start gaining more independent motion, then you'll have a better range than you have now, regardless of hand size.
i think it may be a little of both. i havent been playing for more than a year (but still im very good, or so im told...) and i have about the same size hand. a couple monthes ago i couldnt do barre chords without wrenching my elbow away from me. it just takes practice. youll get it if you try. it looks like you index finger can reach all the way across easily, just practice some first position (for instance, E major) barre chords and 2nd position (i.e. A major) barre chords. o, and if you want to get a little flashy, switch them around to minor or 7th chords.
anyone have links for their sugestions?

tk1 ill try that out tonight..

thanks guys!
My hands may be a little smaller than yours or probably about the same size.

How long have you been playing? I have been playing for about 1 month and I still can't nail the basic chords lol... although there was a big improvement with my finger coordination.

I am not sure how long it would take until I can switch to different chords in a split second.
Yeah, I agree with most of the posters... my hands are about the same size as yours, and I really don't have a problem playing, whether it's acoustic or electric.

Acoustic's a bit harder though.

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You don't say how long you've been playing.

I used to have a similar problem when I first started out, my hands appear to be a similar size to yours. But with practice, and I mean lots of practice, I don't have a problem no more.

Stick with it mate, you'll get it.
wow i think my hands are smaller than urs and i play 1 fine shut up and play
I have almost the same size hands as you, maybe slightly longer. When I first started playing, it almost hurt to play a 1---4 stretch but I can now I can play a 1---5 with very little extra effort. The hand will learn to stretch and the muscles will become accustomed to it. Just like people who learn Yoga. You can't do all those crazy stretches the first time you go at it. Gotta work your way into them slowly. It will come in time friend.
i can only reach 1 to 5 in the manner you did on that acoustic, so you have bigger hands then i do. Just practice.
i had this problem before(I'm 15 years old)..my friend told me that i should practise on the hard ochords so i can play them well soo i started practising...
i was able to play all these hard ochords like in 1 week but i practised everyday for a few hours soo dont count on 5 minutes a day because you will be married before you finish it..
soo Practise Practise Practise