hi im probably gonna buy a green fender american strat, but do you think its good if its only 625 bucks plus tax used

i mean i only played it for a few minutes and im a noob guitarist so i dont really know what im doing.

i think the new ones were going for like 1200
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If you're new to guitar and you're getting an American made strat I already dislike you. . .

Americans are usually in th $900 range lowest and if the one you plan on getting's still in good condition I think it'd be a good deal.
cant think of a fender deluxe that would be green (deluxe strats are around 1200), any idea what model it is??

If it's a standard American, 625 is an alright price, you can find them down around $500 on ebay or other guitar sites (harmony Central)
its american standard but yea thx

btw ive been playing for a year and a half, and i dont go to guitar stores that much wich is what makes me noob to trying them out
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If its used it could of been custom painted. Or he could be refering to the Sea Green.
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That's pretty cheap. If it sounds good, plays well, and works through the amp you're using then it is a decent buy. I've seen a used American Strat going for 599 USD. The catch was that it was surf green and it had this odd modification to the bridge, somebody smelted some iron onto it to try and make it have one of those ashtray covers. The problem was that it was done with some very heavy metal so the thing was like 15 pounds. I would have bought it and just stuck a new bridge in it or whatever since it played really well and sounded decent, but I went on vacation for a month two days later and it was gone when I got back.

Moral of the story is it usually dosn't mean it sucks if the price is low, it just means that either it is so ugly nobody wants it or that somebody did something to it to make it unstock with non name-brand aftermarket parts.
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Oh if it's Canadian then it's probably around the same price as a regular in America (I have no clue though so don't take my exact word), but still a green Fender American would kick ass.

Have fun playing guitar!
^ 625 Canadian is 554.62 USD
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what are the things i should look for to see if its good, i might not check some things if i dont know what to look for
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