I Am Trying To Get Same Sound As Zakk Wylde And I Have The Same Guitar As Him The Epiphone Les Paul White And Black Bullseye With Humbucker Pick Ups In It And His Overdrive Pedal And My Distortion Pedal Or My Amp Distortion..... Now I Have A Fender Strat And A Fender Amp...... Do I Need A Marshall Amp Thats What He Uses..... Will It Make A Difference...and Also His Boomer Guitar Strings..... Are They Good???
Mate, look Zakk doesnt even use his own MXR pedal. His guitar is not an Epiphone, Its a gibson with ACTIVE EMG pickups. Your epiphone probably only has passive. You will never get Zakks tone outta a fender. Beef up your string guage if you want a fatter and better tone. Plus dont try and copy his tone, be different, make your own tone up, i hate it when people come in these threds after buying a whole lot of sig. stuff and then expect that it will instantly make them Zakk Wylde etc.......Marshall and Fender amps are like comparing Zakk Wylde and Frank Sinatra.
ok he probably doesnt use his pedal and i saw him use an epiphone b4.....and i kno but i love his pinch hormonics and style....and seriously thanks for like coming straight forward with me

and i wont get a wylde sound ouuta a fender AMP?
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