/hmm i am new in here and i dunno if this is the right forum to do this thread but .. ive got this marshall amplifier .. valvestate vs65r (65 watts) the prob. is that the reverb isnt working and i already made sure that the knob is working.. also the eq in the clean channel sounds weird.. i mean the bass almost has no power even if i put it in the max.. the middle tone sounds like reverb and has to be turned to 0 all the time and the treble sounds way too much so i have to keep it in less than 5 .. it would be great if some one could help .. thnx.... ( guitar.. washburn wg208 effects.. digitech rp50 )
I don't know what's up with your reverb not working, but I used to have a valvestate 100 and one thing I can tell you is that the valvestate amps do not have any fatness to the sound.

They have very high shrill treble, weak bass, and I found that the middle knob acted almost as a second treble control when played loud. When playing it loud it was just a mush of fizzy treble.

Good luck with it.
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