i've started a paint job on my old squire strat and i'm coming to the stage where i'll be sprayin the design, i was planning on using masking tape to cover up the areas that i dont want sprayed, but i'm worried its not the best option and that it may affect the paint work underneath, can anyone with previous experiance using maskin tape let me know if it will be ok, or if anyone can recommend a better option it would be greatrly apprieciated!
blue painter's tape, or 3m makes a purple tape that has a super light adhesive.
it all ends in tears anyway....
the 3m stuff is good, a tip i've heard to keep the lines clean is to put the tap on then spray a coat of the colour that the tape is covering, once that dries spray the colour you want the design to be. e.g spray white base coat, mask lines, spray white, spray black design.
I vote for blue painters tape too, and it is very important that you get the right brand. I just got some blue painters tape from the local hardwear store and it is crap. Make sure you get the 3M stuff. Even if you have to order it online.
Not taking any online orders.
3M is definately the way to go, just remember to press it down nice and tight, and keep the coats nice and thin. Oh, and make sure the base coat underneath has had a couple of days to dry first, otherwise the tape can stick to it and leave loads of residue behind. And don't leave it on for more than a couple of days!
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Cheers guys, just ordered some 3M painters tape, fingers crossed it wont take too long to arrive, thanks for the tips also!