I'm already satistied with my current distortion completely but I was just wondering if you guys know of the best distortion pedal ever and it has to be versatile (more than one type of dist) combos work too like boosting a pedal with an overdrive or something.
Boss BD-2.
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Boss DS-20 is pretty versatile, although there are better sounding distortions. Try the EH English muff'n...thats ****ing crazy.
there really is no best. what we think is the best may be diffrent then what you think. but my fav is the MArshall Gov'Nor. it sounds like a jcm800. i love that pedal
theres really no best pedal, its all matter of what you like but if i had to choose a pedal it would prob be the metal muff
Metal Muff. Hands down the most kick ass pedal.

Heh, I said muff.
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i love this thing so much that i advertise it in every distortion pedal thread
versatile? ill give you versatile!!! turbo and non turbo mode, great for punk, classic rock, metal, grunge, actually anything that requires distortion
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I have two personal favorites. One is the DOD Grunge. It is good and "noisy" for those little harmonics between chords. Think of Down by 311 and Zero by the Smashing Pumpkins. The other is my new best friend. The Digitech Scott Ian Signature Black-13 Distortion. It has 6 distortion models and 1 completely useless Octave/Delay function. I use different models for different songs. The first setting is great for playing metal. Anthrax, Metallica, etc. The second is good for more rock type stuff. Green Day, Social Distortion, etc. The other 4 I use to mix it up. You should definitely check one out. The price has come way down since I got mine. And it looks really cool.
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there really is no best. what we think is the best may be diffrent then what you think.


that being said, the best distortion pedal I've ever played is a home brew electronics (HBE) Big D. Kicks ass.
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^ Its not that exciting really, I'm not impressed ... clips are on Guitarist issue 179 on the disc
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What amplifier are you playing through? Amplifiers account for pretty much of your technical "tone", an idea i always downplayed until recently when I bought myself an all-tube Marshall!

If you're playing through a tube amp, get yourself a nice overdrive, a Boss SDS-1 for example, used by many a great sounding guitarist, Zakk Wylde and Adrian Vandenberg to name but two. OR a classic Tubescreamer, though those are a lot harder to come by, and far more expensive. Alternatively, try the Keeley modded overdrives, which you can browse at www.robertkeeley.com

Another alternative (as mentioned above) I myself would consider is the Boss Turbo Distortion, used by Frusciante, Navarro and Cobain (until his untimely death of course).

As I learnt the hard way, no pedal will make a crap amp sound nice, no matter the quality of the pedal. Get yourself a nice amp and who knows, you'll probably get rid of a couple pedals!

For versatility.
The Distortion factory.
For plain old classic rock crunch & value.