I'm thinking about buying them but confused by a lot of their options...what should I use as a basic model to build upon, I was thinking the DC135 (3 pickups, neck thru build, alder body) or the DC127 (2 picks, acoustic/electric, neck thru, alder body)...what exactly is an acoustic/electric? Does it mean it can play through both electric and acoustic amps? I've never heard of this before, I'd like some info on this if possible, please.

And what are their most versatile/best pickups? I play a lot of classic rock/metal/instrumental stuff, I'd like pickups that work good for all of those styles.
the acoustic/electric thing means it has a peizo pickup in it, which senses vibrations of the string rather than the disturbance in the electric feild. think of it as a motion sensor at the bridge.
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i would do the DC135. and about the pickups well what amp do you use? how much would you like to spend?
The techs at Carvin are very helpful and willing to answer questions. Call or email them and see what they say. Excellent customer service in my experience.
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I live in San Diego, so I've had the opportunity to visit their factory showroom. For playability and looks, I think Carvins are great, but the pickups aren't that great. If you're willing to spend a little more for aftermarket pickups, they would be great for what you play.
Yeah right now i'm saving up ($540 out of $1200 so far) for a carvin dc127 w/ all the options I want, then i'm going to get the active electronics option and but some EMG 81/85's and slap those babies in there.