Just got done recording more previous versions of some songs i have had up here a few times....The first song is more mellow, and second is more rock-ish, not too hard though. Lemmw know what you think.


Will crit back.
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haha the velvet was kind of weird, but I like the delay yet it took awhile to get good, good recording software w/e you have, good job on this, very nice

panasonic: it was alright, not very rock-ish, it was different but the soloing i liked it was great good chops, try and keep it clean to, but hey great stuff, i liked this one alot more

care to crit mine ? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=405667
well the velvet had a strange intro, maybe a lot of pink floyd influence? but the main theme when it kicks in is cool, kinda reminds me of jeff beck, kinda freaky, but the tone is actually pretty cool, but the song itself doesnt really seem to go anywhere, but it is nice and relaxing

the other, i hate that tone, kind of annoying, i like when the clean guitar kicked in for that funky rhythm. actually, the tone /w the lead doesnt sound all too bad. pretty clean palying, nice licks in there, but like the other one, it doesnt seem to go anywhere as well. try and work on buildups or better tranitiosn or something
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

I liked the songs alot. The Intro reminded of velvet reminded me of something radiohead might do. I thought all the parts of the song worked well together. I also liked the feel of panasonic. GOOD JOB!
lol i love the trippiness to velvet, sounds like a great long into to get into something crazy with. But you chose to keep it PINK FLOYD lightish, which still sounds great, but theres so many things you can do with that intro, so many directions it can be taken in. I really like this stuff, really deviates from the "usual" music here.

Panasonic just sounds like another band/idea altogether which is cool, but sounds more pop than the first, and not as "musical". I'd stick with ideas and tone and sounds like velvet. Youre on the right track with that.

hit me with a crit for both songs (delay ambient intro in first)


*what effects did you use in velvet, i really want to know to do something similar, i really cant get over the intro, it gives me so many ideas.
Alright finally got this topic working.

Nice, velvet sounds very Pink Floydish, but didn't really feel like it was going anywhere or have any structure or something.

I really liked the intro to Panasonic, especially when the second guitar came in, but after that it was just sort of blah to me.

Thanks for critin my song, and good luck with your other stuff
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I couldn't get into velvet.

I really liked panasonic. The tone in the intro is really nice. I love the crunchyness of it. I think the lead sounds kinda muted though. it's weird after the intro. it's really good playing and all. Not really my genre, but I gave it a listen and thought you might like a word or two.
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