what are good brands for jazz or funk? (more jazz than funk though, if you know what i mean)
i've looked at warwicks, pricey, but are they worth it?

Although im sure 'wicks could work, theyve never been known for their work in funk or jazz.

I think a fender jazz bass (or j style bass) should do well for both, as its very versatile, obviously it can handle jazz, and its one of the best standard slapping basses you can get without emptying out your pockets.
i was thinking about a jazz bass, but im looking for something a little more....unique in appearance. so if you/anyone knows about a brand with really neat/artsy designs could you tell me?

^thx for yer reply by the way
Well, it all depends on your pricerange. I think a Warwick Corvette would be good for you. They have a lot more versatility than other 'wicks. I really want to suggest Pedulla, but they are pretty highly priced.

EDIT: Link. I suggest the Pentabuzz. http://www.pedulla.com/
This is a great place to get them from:
Also check out Spector... I'm not a huge Spector fan, but it will get the job done. It's more of a rock bass.

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A Fender jazz bass is always good for jazz.
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i think my warwick sounds good in jazz and so does everyone in my jazz band at school... the director everyone...
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Obligitory MM Stingray post. THE funk Bass. And with that three-way eq you should be able to get an excellent jazz tone.

Pretty much any bass is good for jazz and funk, you just have to find one that fits your style.