I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with the schecter C-5. I have never heard a schecter but i like the black cherry C-5 and i just wanted to know if they sounded good for the money. Another question is that how hard is it to transition from 4 to 5 string with the fretboard being wider and all. i have only been playing for 2 months. I also wanted to know if I should wait until i got real good.
oh shoot you were talking about a bass! :| i didnt realize that but no ive neevr layed my hands on a schecter bass but i play so still email me if you want
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um guitars have 6 strings not five unless ones broke so just a bit of advice there

i think homie meant the 5 string bass

4 string to 5 string isnt that much of a drastic change. its a change allright but you will get used to it. if the neck is really flat it will take a little more getting used to but i think schecters are good about having nice thick necks. good luck
i'd hold off on getting a 5 string unless you really need one (doubtful)

the neck isn't impossible or anything, but for a beginner is quite the jump. i'd hold off and get better with your 4 string or maybe a better 4 before moving up to a 5.

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I don't know about the C-5 but I own a C-4 (which I'm playing right now) and it's amazing. It's got great tone, really easy to play, and I love it.
Usually a thread like this would elicit a huge rant from me about how great Schecters are, and how much I love mine, but I don't feel like saying too much right now, so you just get this:

Well, its a Schecter, so that means you should buy it. I have a Stiletto Elite-4 (best bass they make IMO) in black cherry. I love it. Go buy one (or at least some other Schecter in black cherry) now.
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i gotta schecter c-4 with the black cherry and i LOVE it its awesome. but i was never a big fan of 5 strings so im not sure but i love scheters they are great instruments