This should probably go in the classifieds but more of you view thuis board so it would get better noticed. Anyhow, I got this Peavey Rotor EXP series electric guitar and id like to know about how much it would be worth. I baught it used so i dont know all the information. Its like a sparkly red, with an off white wtrim around the body, it has an explorer-style headstock (similar to a jackson) and it has 24 frets. It has a bolt-on neck. It has black grover tuners and a black floyd rose signature tremelo. it has a tone knob and a two volume knobs. its in near-mint condition. the pickups are stock but sound great for metal/rock. My cameras broken so i cant get any pictures of it but here it is on the peavey website, but since they dont have my color on there and the current ones are neckthrough without the floyd rose, i guess mines a little older.

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