ok these are the guitars that i have:
1. Esteban electric/acoustic cutaway
2. Fender starter guitar Squire
3. Ibanez full body acoustic

Here are my questions. They are cordinated with the numbers to the respective guitar:
1. Is there a better electric pack i can put on the esteban?
2. whats the best pickup i can get for a reasonable price to put on my starter guitar? Just for the heck of it whats the best pickup to get for my electric thats well balanced? do u have to stick to a pickup that fits a fender or can u get different kinds on it? Can u get a wider neck on the electric? does it matter what tuning knobs u put on the electric? can u change the head of the neck?
3. is there anything u can think of to put or upgrade on that?

for all guitars is there any other upgrades u can think of?

and the overall most important question is the wider neck situation. ive had a lot of guys joke about it and tell me all this bull about it doesnt matter. i jsut want to know if there is a way and what i can do about it. thanks for ur help.
put a tv in it! put a tv in it!

2. you dont want to put good pickups in it, because the wood is crap probably. better pickups will be useless.

just buy a new guitar...
Dude squier guitars are not made to be upgraded, it's 50x better buying a new guitar than upgrading one of those.
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The wood is alder. So put some tex specials into it With completly new hardware.
Get Gorver tuners.
Aside from quality issues, tuners don't matter.

As far as pickups... Pickups are purely matters of taste, but are fairly universal. If in doubt, ask if a pickup is F-spaced.

In terms of wider necks or changing headstocks...

Well, you can change headstocks, but it's a lot of trouble, involving removing your current headstock, making a new one to fit exactly, and making good joints between the two.

Yes, you can get wider necks, but there's no guarantee that it will fit your guitar, it will have absolutely no effect on your string spacing without a bridge change, and is purely a matter of preference.
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