i use a gibson sg standard with a mesa dual recto, and an orange cab (celestions v. 30s). and i wanted to know what kind of pickup do you recomend for a really good clean sound? my clean channel sounds real muddy (due to the high gain amp, obviously). so please, is there any good pickup you recommend for a really crisp, bright, and clear clean? thanks.
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Well for one Channel 1 on the Rectos arent all that bad...and far from muddy. Chances are the reason why it sounds muddy is because you're playing with an SG...which has humbuckers. Single coiled pickups make it sound really good. Maybe go with a pickup that you can coil tap...?
do you roll back to your neck pickup on cleans?, i have a les paul and that really cleans up my sound i also play through rectos and i noticed the duals clean isnt horrible but not great, the triple has a slightly better clean tone but also on my esps i play with a duncan jazz in the neck and the cleans are remarkible
something that has a very low output, around 7k ohms.
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I have an SG standard too, but I play through an Orange combo and the cleans are definately not muddy. I just think it's, as you said, due to the Mesa which is not known for cleans. I don't know how much of a difference new pickups will make, but I guess a single coil would definately help a bit.
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