i know how to do everything on a guitar except 4 the pinch harmonic
wat is the easiest way to learn? because i know im not going to lern instantly
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take the pic, and hold it so its like " < ".

put the left edge of ur thumb along the bottom side, so it lines up.

turn ur drive/gain ALL the way up.

fret the 12th fret on the high e string, (gives it a good sound for me), and then pick the string with the part of the pick that ur thumb is alligned with, and then make ur thumb hit the string right after and it should scream.

sorry i suck at explaining it, ill draw a pic later if u still cant get it.
Hold the pick closer to the thin edge so that the side of your thumb is sortof protruding from the side, and pick using a downstroke on (works best for me) the fifth fret of the G string.