...what is it?

o a tuner crank my bad
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I had one that went in my electric screwdriver, a drill would spin too fast imo.

That looks nice, does the bottom bit spin?
Yeah, tomoro, when its not 2 in the morning, Im going to put a PTFE sleve down in the handle in front of the screw head on the shank so it spins really easy.

It works as any other tuner. Only things its missing that I havnt put in was the bridge pin remover. I dont think I want it on here, Ill make another tool for that some other time.

This took forever. I started everything off with 7/8" aluminum round stock, even the bottom square part, I just used a fly cutter to make it square. The bottom where the tuner goes in, is still round.

The mill got quite a bit of work tonight.