Ok so i have a question and i think im right about this. My friend and i play guitar and he plays rhythm on the neck pickup and i play it in the bridge humbucker position. Which is right? (when i say "right" i mean which is more often used for rhythm?)

i always use the neck for solos....im right arent i?

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I believe your tone should be anything you want it to be. There is no right or wrong way for a guitar to sound.
agreed, it's your own tone

but on lp's etc, the rythym pickup is the bridge i think
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On my SG and all gibsons, the Rythym pickup is the neck. That doesn't make it "right", but it is at least an argument.
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but on lp's etc, the rythym pickup is the bridge i think

no. for gibsons, the neck is labeled "rhythm" and the bridge is labeled "treble."

but either way, it's all preference.
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yeah like everyone said its preference,

neck is bassier and smoother
bridge is more trebley, generally hot and raw sounding
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By standards, your friend is right but I rarely use my neck pickup even for rythm.
When i do electric its everything neck.
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I never use my Neck pickup. End of.
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depends what fits your sound really, your band should have a sound by the time your writing songs i guess so play whatever fits your sound best, if your not writing yet play the pickup that the artist whos song your playing uses, if it is a different guitar he uses try to match the sound best.
Chords played in the neck pickup sound muddy and confused. That's why it's best to play rhythm in the bridge pickup.

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IMO its all based on personal preference, and the pickup quality. I never use my treble/bridge p-up for cleans as its way too trebly
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Yep, it's all preference. By switching to my neck pickup , and rolling off the mids, I can get a neat, very round tone. I often switch to bridge for just general sort of rock soloing, since I can cut through the soundscape more. Without distortion, your tone might sound thin though. I always us the middle position of my fender for chords, neck is too thick, bridge is too bright.

Preference, mang. It's like asking what pick is right to use , a .50mm, or a .80mm
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Plus it depends on your pickups. I'd never use my bridge pickup on a single coil for metal or anything.
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