If you just want to hear click link below but i would really like it if you would listen to it and read what i wrote below to tell me if i have my ideas on theory right and if i went at this a good way for trying to write a song (more of just a riff i guess with some lead parts)

Ok so lately ive been practicing playing modes and ive gotten pretty comfortable playing in the phrygian mode so tonight about 15 minutes ago i went on my gnx4 found a drum backing track i liked and picked a chord progression and made up a rythem/ riff to go with it all i did for the chord progression was looked at the song hour glass by lamb of god and used the first few notes which happen to be d-e-f-g and i used some theory i learned and realized all notes of the major scale so would be equivalint to e phrygian and e is in the notes and its the first chord i would play other than open d (im in drop d and i play d5-e5-f5-g5) so i just improvised a soloish track playing e phrygian and some chromatic scale parts, it was all improvised on the spot about 15 minutes ago

so please tell me what you think of it and how i came up with the parts constructive critisism please sorry for the long post

www.myspace.com/shawnanderson82 it will be the first song otherwise called shred improvisation