Ok, quick disclaimer....I didnt search much past the first page for a thread on this, I'm lazy and fairly new here.

Where the hell are the threads on Pavement/ Stephen Malkmus? I would certainly place them among the more influential indy bands out of the 90s. Almost everything I've ever heard from them is stellar although the one lo-fi punk garage band type album from their early days I heard wasnt by cup of tea.

So....lets start the talks....Have you even heard of them? DO SO IF NOT!!!.....favorite album, song, etc any other useless nonsense about them.

Favorite Pavement
Song : Old to begin
Album: Brighten the Corners ( very closely followed by Terror Twilight)

Stephen Malkmus:
Song: Church on White
Album: Face the Truth
I got the special 50 track issues of 'Slanted and Enchanted' and 'Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain' the other day. They're very good, I like them.
^post-paint boy is great.

A friend of mine just found the first SM solo album used (the one with just a picture of him on the cover). It's good. Especially at 6 o clock in the evening and you're on a hill watching little kids play football.

Favorite tune? Umm.. Shoot the Singer maybe, In the Mouth A Desert, Zurich is Stained, Gold Soundz ...maybe perfume-V simply for the chorus.