does anyone know of any good exercises to help build up speed and acuracy? ive been practicing my scales but i dont know any exercises. i play blues so i dont want any metal shred type stuff. just regular exercises. i really want to improve my blues playing speed and acuracy wise. anything to help me get as fast as SRV would be nice

i just need some things to practice. i mean learning scales is good but what happens when i need to improvise? what can i do so that i have speed when doing different licks and bends, you know blues. i would like exercises that maybe skip strings instead of just going up and down.

ive never really had lessons so i dont know this stuff. but i would like to get speedier. any help, or links would be nice thanks.
chromatics? scales always good

for improvising.. use the scales u learned.. and play around with them.. move it up and down the fret board.. c what sounds good and add your own style to it.. bends.. vibratos.. hammer-ons pull-offs.. sliding, legato. all that

improvising is tough when ur just starting off and im not sure if u r.. i know i am having trouble with it.. but scales usually help alot... takes some getting used too