Thank you for not messing up one of my favorite songs. I'd give it 9/10. Good job. Nice singing aswell.
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thanks for all the comments. i know there are quite a few covers of this song about the net but nobody seems to to know how to tune/play it right.

sotto: is that why you say thanks for not messin it up?
some of the guitar parts had a little bit of timing issues...but your voice made it completley okay. i would use that for a backing track lol.
Awesome cover, I'll look forward to hearing some more stuff from you!
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Dude when you started singing I thought it was John for real, nice job. This song is a bitch to play and sing because the guitar part is syncipated against the vocals, and i cant do it for ****. You did a fantastic job of that, although sometimes the guitar dragged along with the vocals especially in the chorus. 9/10, amazing voice and tone
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you've got to be kidding me...

that was amazing, to be honest.
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