So my band get offered a support slot tonight for recent Metal Hammer stars Two-Shot Blast at Cambridge CB8 tonight... needless to say, we're ecstatic about it!

However, one hurdle stands in our way... I woke up this morning with the worst sore throat EVER!

Any way I can get rid of it before rehearsal in 2 hours?
This may sound weird, but oatmeal always seems to help me in the predicament you're in. Popsicals and ice cream also helps but not for very long. I suggest eating a popsical every 30 minutes before a show for two hours if you have a terrible sore throat.
warm up your voice, with a sore throat, if you warm up properly then you should have atleast 75% of your voice back. works for me anyway.
At Chemists you can buy lozenges for singers - they may help. Also try honey and hot water or raspberry tea.
Also try to cough as little as possible and don't clear your throat much.
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If it's a bacteria then yogurt should be helpful (so my biology teacher says), or just drink lots of fluids and don't irritate it too much... Good luck with your gig!

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