I did this before, but i got a new computer, and now im having trouble. I have an electric acoustic, a cable going from that to a foot pedal, then a cable going from the foot pedal to the input in my computer with a 1/4 to 1/8 jack. So its all plugged in but I cant get any sound in audacity. Either with or without the foot pedal.....

anyone have any idea?

my input option is selected in audacity and the input volume is high
Did you check to make sure your preamp battary is still good?

are you sure you are plugged into the mic imput and not one of the numerouse other 1/8" jacks they have on computers now days?
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make sure the audacity input port is the right one sometimes u need to go to microphone instead of say like input number 1 try all them out and try ur acoustic just by itself without pedal
Have you checked the (assuming you have windows xp) sound options are all at full volume, and not muted? Because some of them are muted as default. Do you have the latest codecs for your soundcard?
all the volume is turned up. Only thing i can think of is i think my soundcard is intergrated, which might be a problem....other than that, i have tried every input in my computer, selected line in in audacity and got nothing.