Ive been playing a few months and lately if i use my right arm a lot it twitches involuntarily and if I play bass it gets tired after like 2 minutes. Is this jsut one of those things that happens to bassists or should i get it checked out?
Never happened to me. Only thing is the first time i played in a show, my arm got kind of stiff cuz my muscles spassmed out. I didnt feel nervous but I guess i did subconciously for that to happen.

check and see how ur resting ur arm. u may be putting too much pressure on ur wrist
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Ya, I am guessing that you may just be holding/resting it wrong; maybe pinchin a nerve, or something.
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maybe your just weak, heh. my arm hurts after a while too, but my fingers dont hurt at all any more just from getting stronger by excersizing them.

i have a similar problem, my hands shake pretty badly all the time, even resting. fortunately it hasnt affected my playing.
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