I'm looking for a new acoustic (steel string) guitar. I've played allready several years acoustic (spanish), but now I wan't to have a steel string acoustic guitar. I've looked around for weeks but it's hard to make a decision wich guitar... The sound I want from the guitar is like the new Taylor GS series (http://www.taylorguitars.com/guitars/gs/Videos.aspx)
I know afcourse Taylor produces good guitars at that price (ca 2500 euros) but thats a bit over my budget...

I'm seriously considering a Simon&patrick showcase or a takamine...

Does anyone has an advice? because i'm really mixed up.


Aubry Lalush (new forummember)
maybe if u tell us how much a 1000 euros is in america than some1 here could help u inot many people here use euros
Here's the deal. Everyone hears differently and likes certain things that others don't.

Go to your local store and pick up every guitar in your price range.

Play them.

You'll know which one to buy when you play it. No one here can choose your guitar. Its your decision alone.
I also am a Taylor fan and they are also out of my budget. I just bought a Breedlove AD25/SR Plus and it is by far one of the best guitars I've played for the price. It was $1000 American. I don't know how much that converts into Euros, but value-wise I would check out Breedlove because they have some cheaper models that still sound much better than anything else in their price range.
When I exchanged my euros when I was in the netherlands the exchange rate was 1.3746777

So it's 1374.37$
High as tits
thx for your advice by so far guys ...

What about the Taylor 214 GA ?
Does anybody has experience with the simon&patrick showcase ?
It can't be repeated too often that whenever possible you need to make this kind of choice after playing the guitar(s) in question. Then you buy what you like the most that fits your budget. That said, Taylor and Simon & Patrick both make quality guitars. I haven't played an S&P Showcase model...these are S&P's top-of-the-line guitars, and I'm sure are fine...I've liked the less expensive S&Ps I've played, and own 2 Art & Lutherie guitars, also made by Godin, the parent company of S&P...the A&Ls are like budget S&Ps.

My apologies for this not helping much...no one can decide this for you...even with multiple guitars of exactly the same model and materials, one may sound better than another, hence, the need to play what you're considering buying.

Edit: See this thread for a comment about the S&P Showcase series:

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