I'm perfectly aware that this thread was made over three years ago. But I feel the need to revive it because I've been listening to a shitload of Ride lately.

I'll go ahead and say they're my second favorite shoegaze band ever.
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Ride's "OX4" off of "Going Blank Again" is just a great song. Starts like a jet leaving the tarmac and just goes up from there.

Ride aren't bad.... They sound kind of...obvious...if you know what I mean. Very toned-down (much as Lush was). I prefer Slowdive's last two albums. I don't mind their music, really. I can just think of a whole lot of other Shoegazing bands I'd rather listen to.
I started listening to them a few months back. Nothing special, in my opinion. I appreciate the effort they put into their music, but it's not really memorable. For me, it literally turns into background music, but not in a good way. It's almost like it's shoegaze-lite.

If you really dig their stuff, more power to you though.

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+1 at all of this

i don't see why they're grouped among the best of the best in shoegaze to be honest

still a good band though

Exactly...I mean, Slowdive did the ambient-pop kind of Shoegaze much better, and then there are bands like Lovesliescrushing and Ceremony, to which Ride simply can't compare.