i guess this is a really dumb question...
but a while ago i bought myself a cheap jackson dinky which came with a whammy bar. i have never had lessons or anything and i need to know how do i put it on and use it?
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Well your guitar should have a hole at the bottom of the bridge, below the high e string. Put it in there, you may need to screw it in or just push it in until it pops into place, either way make sure it's tight enough to stay in place, but not so tight that you can't still move it. Then play a note, and bend the whammy bar up and down, to lower and raise the pitch of the note.

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to put it on theres a hole on your guitar below the E string and u screw the whammy bar in but not to tight. then to use it when u play a note let it ring and press down on the whammy bar but make sure when your pressing you have the white part (or whatever color it is) facing toward the frets. thats it. its not really that hard

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I think dinkys have FRs, so he could have it facing the other way too.

You can also do vibrato with a bar, just LIGHTLY shake it- good for stuff on the high e that's already bent or whatnot.
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