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This Is Not A Love Song
3 38%
Mystery Of The 20th Century
4 50%
1 13%
Voters: 8.
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This Is Not A Love Song

I sit by her side on the hospital bed.
This isn't goodbye, but it is the end.
And I watch as her irises slowly drift down:
Like leaves that left the tree before autumn begun.
Her baby's breath slowly cooled in the frost
Standing in the snow I knew all hope was lost
The pink blossoms I knew she loved bloomed on the trees
But they brought no hope; I just thought to myself, "Please,
God, this is the only thing I've ever asked for,
Cause she's the only one who's ever known me well.
And I promise to pray, at the end of my days.
If you save her then I'll sacrifice myself."
As they summer day dawned before I drove myself down,
I imagine her not in a hospital gown,
And I think I cried, remembering better times,
Hoping they'd come, but knowing they'll never happen.
The sun seemed to mock me as I walked in the doors
And I climbed up the stairs to reach the 5th floor
Then I went to the sign, that read 615,
With that one push I was no longer alive.

Her voice.

"I was wondering what took you so long... I've been waiting. The doctors told me I didn't have much more time this morning. No, don't cry, we both knew this would come. I can't wait to feel alive... This past year's been like I was already dead. I had no feeling. I slid in and out ofconciousness. I just hope you won't ever end up like this... Never become a machine."

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Mystery Of The 20th Century

Moonlight reflections upon a serene flowing stream
Aided by the landscape, which forms an illuminescent view
Shining so bright the ground's hue turns from dark to a light green
So many claim to see this, but its noticeable only to a select few

And the riverside creatures all gather to gaze at this show
While the artist sits aside on the bank perfecting the scene, pallete in hand
The tranquility is interrupted by the caw of a crow
Which is how this whole mystery assumed to begin

Notice the tomb flowing down the riverside creek
Portrayed elegantly by the shadows enbedded in the dust
As the whispers slip by, so sleek and discreet
They support the destruction of this encirclement of trust

But the artist rendition of the perfection of water has to be fake
Because water is a mystery, put something in it and it breaks



If only we lived in the mock up of movie make up
Were the tragedy?s been played out
And happy endings never get old

But quite frankly it must never be
In a world of quick British quips
And marvelous moments of pleasure

Were a bow and a curtsy can start it all
The silent eye contact
Can say all the right words
Without a stop and stutter

But if vast the world we live in was so simple
With in months of finding your love
Be off and married with out the waste of time
To spend the rest of your moments under the candle light

If only we could but we ponder for years
And waste what little we have
Yet when we make up our minds,
Oh how we wouldn?t give that up
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But the artist rendition of the perfection of water has to be fake
Because water is a mystery, put something in it and it breaks