I remember seeing somewhere some official Floyd Roses for SGs. They Just replace the bridge entirely. I can't find the wbe page again and I'd really like to be able to raise and lower pitches like that.
yeh theyre to thin though ESP have released a couple of Vipers that have floyd roses on them. but i think they made the sustain block shorter to fit a floyd rose on a sg
Well maybe it wasn't a floyd rose. But I know that they made a whammy design and I think It can bend pitch up and down. The thing just sits on the 2 big screws that the other bridge is connected to. No cutting, drilling or milling required. I think it was described as knife edge...
ive seen kahler tremelos....
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i beleive you're referring to a bigsby tremolo system.
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I think It was this that I saw ever so long ago:

How would I put that on my SG? Or should I look at other ones?

NVM, what I saw was stetsbar, the price tag jogged my memory.

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