So I want to grow my fingernails out so I can hit the strings better on classical pieces is there some desired length I should get? Should I file them into claws? Please help.
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i dont think you are supposed to do that, i think you're just supposed to fingerpick.......
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I've actually been growing mine too, whats the reccomended length of real nail, after the tip of your finger?
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I use acryllic nails (fake) and I am VERY glad I switched over to them. They are a lot stronger than my own nails (which were weak due to a bad biting habit) and don't break near as much, thusly, I can play guitar more! They cost me $15 CDN, and it was well worth it.


Those are the length I use, and I am happy with it. It's all about the tone you want though.
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Mine are a slight bit shorter than nightwinds, and I use my own nails.

I have to kind of "slope" file my I, M, and A to get a good tone, as my nails are shaped rather weird.

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ya my guitar teacher had his acrylic nails quite a bit longer than that of the picture and hes was lightning fast. But he got a job at a bakery and he had to get righ of them and now hes quite slow.
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yeah that's a pretty good video - but its really only intended for people who are really serious about their classical stuff... i've never polished my nails or used ping pong balls... it's all a bit too much.

my nails are really pointy, and the guy on the vid said that's a bad thing but i still get good tone out of both steel and nylon. mine are quite long, and my thumb nail is really long because i like my bass strings to ring out clear.

i would reccoment a starting length of about half centimetre from your flesh, shaped to your playing style

What is so hard about just using your actual finger?, why did you choose to use your nails instead of finger tips?
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What is so hard about just using your actual finger?, why did you choose to use your nails instead of finger tips?

There's an obvious tone difference, which most people prefer, at least as far as classical/nylon string guitars are concerned.

Very rarely do you see a fingerpicking player play without nails. They add dynamics, tone, volume, strength, and so on.
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^You know, I never got why people didn't just use both. Surely there's times where the more meaty finger sound would be better suited. Possibilities...
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Well, you're correct.

The desired result is indeed to have both nail and flesh strike the string. This creates the "best" tone and volume. Too much nail, or too much flesh, and the sound becomes off-balance.
My God, it's full of stars!
I like to go with my regular finger. It just fits with the music I play. Its all a matter of how you want to sound, though.
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